DRP Solution Process

The DRP solution process starts with product returns receiving and consolidation. Using a proprietary Returns Tracking Management System, we capture detailed information such as product and customer trends, and product and customer warranty abuse. This information is often vital to sales and marketing negotiations.

Next, electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic inspections are conducted to capture product defect and product improvement details. Isolating product inspection and systematically recording product details means your component manufacturers will now be accountable for product failures.

Total cost analysis improves
the make or not make decision.

After extensive product inspection, credit documentation is generated, further reducing double handling and overhead. Product recycling, waste, and disposal is managed by DRP, removing the internal environmental concerns typically associated with the repair and packaging function.

Finally, DRP's product refurbishing, distribution, and retail capabilities maximize the conversion of expenses to revenues... revenues that can be used to fund new projects.

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