When you think DRP, think GREEN—not just because the positive impact we have on your bottom line will save you money, but because our all solutions are sustainable and eco-friendly. DRP is a key element when you think about Reuse or giving a second life to a product.

DRP has always had a strong commitment to environmental sustainability by steering waste and hazardous materials away from landfill sites.

Parts Harvesting

Harvesting parts from returned assets for use in like-new refurbished products saves on landfill space.

Cardboard & Packaging Recycling

We have an in-house cardboard shredder and reuse shredded cardboard as packing material. That packing material is all recyclable.

Recycling & Destruction Services

All product waste, including packaging, metals, plastic, and hazardous materials, is recycled in accordance with local, provincial, and federal regulations. Furthermore, all batteries are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Certificate of Destruction

End of life Product returns and/or parts that no longer fit for use or resale can be recycled ethically and responsibly. Upon request our R2 certified downstream recycler can issue a certificate of destruction. DRP can provide solutions to help your company close the loop.

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